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The Wirth companies have been selling highest quality aluminum sheet in North America since 1974, initially out of New York City, and Liz Wirth took over these sales in 1976.
Since 1988, aluminum sales for North America have been operating under the name Wirth-Brand Inc out of the aluminum capital city of Montreal. Our specialty is bright sheet, but there are many other surfaces produced at the main plant we represent, which is located in Germany.
We believe that service is as important as quality - no point having a great product if you do not make it easy for your customers to access it.
We respond as quickly to complaints (luckily we do not get many, but even the best product is not always perfect) as we do to inquiries and orders. This attitude is most important among our employees, and we could not have been successful for well over 30 years in this business without it.

Our people believe in partnering with suppliers and customers, and we have done so from the bginning, long before the phrase became popular.
Please give us a chance to partner with you : contact info@wirthbrand.com




WirthBrand Inc. 1240-740 Notre Dame West, Montreal, QC, Canada H3C 2X6
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